Stocker WMS Version 5.3.3 Released

Stocker WMS Version 5.3.3 Released

Release Date – 17 November 2014
Release Type – Maintenance

Version 5.3.3 of Stocker Warehouse Management System is now available for download from the PulseStar website. This release focuses on improving general usability via the user interface.

Improved Management Of Stocker’s Windows

Previously when an option was selected from a menu that option was disabled such that only a single window for a particular action could be opened at any one time. This functionality has been removed and replaced by the following.

New User Configuration Option ‘Reuse Windows’. When selected, Stocker will check if a window is already open for the selected action (e.g. Manage Goods In Orders). If a window does exist Stocker will use that window. If the existing window is minimized it will be restored and brought to the front of all other windows. If it is behind other windows it will be brought to the front. If a window does not exist or when ‘Reuse Windows’ deselected Stocker simply opens a new window.

Improved Order Management

Orders fall into three basic categories: all orders, live (yet to be completed) orders and closed/completed orders. Stocker now views an order as falling into one of these groups. These are loosely separated groups for convenience rather than strict divisions.

Title Bar

When one of these categories is selected the Order Management programs operate on orders within the selected category only. For example, when the Live Orders category is selected, scrolling through the orders table will result in only Live Orders being displayed. The current category of orders being used can be seen to the left hand side of the title bar.

View Goods In and Goods Out Order Headers

Viewing order header records has also been changed to display orders from one of the categories: all orders, live (yet to be completed) orders and closed/completed orders.

Status Bar

Here the current category being view by each program is displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the window.

Improved Order Enquiries and Reporting

To compliment the new order management functionality above, the order summary enquiries/reports have also been divided into the three categories: all orders, live (yet to be completed) orders and closed/completed orders. The on-screen enquiries and resulting reports are identical for each category. However, the orders selected for display and reporting will match the selected category. Selecting an order for viewing or processing will result in the order management window being automatically set to the same order category.

Status Bar

Improved Assistance For Using The Keyboard

Executing commands via the keyboard has always been an integral part of Stocker. Stocker’s list (Excel style) windows, such as the order management windows, provide the main engine for using Stocker. All have their own keyboard commands to compliment selecting equivalent options from their menus. The keyboard key combination Ctrl+K lists all commands for each list window. Now, however, all keyboard command are also listed in the menus for easy access.

Keyboard shortcuts have also been added to frequently used options on Stocker’s main menu. These particular commands can be turned on or off via a new User Configuration Option ‘Main Menu Shortcust’.

Changes To Stocker Main Window When Running In Toolbar Mode

The size of the main window now fits the width of the display. The window now also includes the main toolbar. The reuse window functionality is also available in this mode whereby existing windows on the desktop are reused. Note this mode may be removed in a future release.

New Warehouse Inventory Enquiries/Reports

Two new enquiries/reports by product have been added to compliment the ‘List All Pallets’ report.

  • List all available pallets
  • List all pallets in quarantine (on hold)

These enquiries/reports are available separately under the breakdown for part and full pallets. They have been reproduced for all pallets.

Minor Changes To Bar Charts

Scroll bars have been added and there is improved control via keyboard.

Improvements To Stocker’s Backup Procedure

Backup Filename

The database to be backed up can be selected from a drop-down list box. If you change the currently selected database the backup file name now changes to reflect the new database selected. If you use the same backup filename more than once, the second backup will be appended to the existing file creating a backup set. Stocker’s setup procedures can only restore the first backup in a file set and may fail if there is more than one.

Backup Delay Period

This is a short delay to be executed after SQL Server has completed the backup. If two or more databases were backed up in quick succession, or if databases were quite small, the backup may not always be successfully written to disk – even though the actual backup completed successfully. This delay executes after SQL Server informs Stocker the backup has completed and before the connection between SQL Server and Stocker is closed, ensuring the file is successfully written. The delay duration is in seconds and can be in the range 0 – 10. The default setting is 5 seconds. A value of zero means no delay. If you encounter problems where no backup file is created try increasing this delay.

New Special Characters For Entering Dates

When entering a date, three letters have special meanings and can be used as quick, shorthand, entries. They can be entered either in uppercase or lowercase.

  • t or T – Enter today’s date
  • o or O – Enter tomorrow’s date
  • y or Y – Enter yesterday’s date

Improvements To Stocker’s Installers/Setup Programs

The installers now include the following options

  • Install databases – installs new databases overwriting any existing ones
  • Use existing databases
  • Selective restore of user own database backups
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