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Details For The Next Release Of Stocker

This page will be updated to provide the progress of the next release of Stocker. You can refer to the Release Notes to track changes applied to previous releases - and to the next release of Stocker as they become available.

Version Number5.3.3
Due Date03/11/2014
Revised Date17/11/2014
Released Date14/11/2014
ActionDue DateRevisedActionedStatus
Build ReleaseTBATBA27/10/2014Complete
Test ReleaseTBATBA27/10/2014Complete
Build Release Install31/10/2014TBA13/11/2014Complete
Test Release Install31/10/2014TBA13/11/2014Complete
Release Version 5.3.331/10/201414/11/201414/11/2014Released
Update Website31/10/201417/11/201417/11/2014Complete


Version 5.3.3 is a maintenance release concentrating on improving general usability.