Stocker WMS Version 5.3.4 Released

Release Date - 25 February 2015

Release Type - New features

Version 5.3.4 of Stocker Warehouse Management System is now available for download from the PulseStar website. This is a small update improving database management.

Include Database Restore Function Within Stocker

It is now possible to restore any of Stocker's databases directly within the WMS application. The function will automatically select the last database backup created by Stocker. However, you can override Stocker's choice and select a specific backup if required.

Change To Database Restore Option In Installers

Stocker's setup programs have the option to install new databases from within the installer or restore user backups taken from within Stocker WMS. The first installation undertaken on a computer requires new databases to be copied from the setup program. Restoring user backups can be useful if you have to reinstall Stocker for any reason.

Previously restoring user backups required they had the same name as those held within the setup/installation programs. Now the installers will automatically look for the last backup taken from within Stocker WMS. Should you need to restore a specific backup rename it to match that of the last backup taken.