Stocker WMS Version 5.3.3 Released

Release Date - 17 November 2014

Release Type - Maintenance

Version 5.3.3 of Stocker Warehouse Management System is now available for download from the PulseStar website. This release focuses on improving general usability via the user interface.

Improved Management Of Stocker's Windows

Previously when an option was selected from a menu that option was disabled so only a single window for a particular action could be opened at any one time. This functionality has been removed and replaced by the following.

New User Configuration Option 'Reuse Windows'. When selected Stocker will check if a window is already open for the selected action (e.g. Manage Goods In Orders). If a window does exist Stocker will use that window. If the existing window is minimized it will be restored and brought to the front of all other windows. If it is behind other windows it will be brought to the front. If a window does not exist or when 'Reuse Windows' deselected Stocker simply opens a new window.

Improved Order Management

Three new actions have been added to these programs under the View option on the menu.

  • Query All Orders - selected from the menu or by the key combination Ctrl+1
  • Query Live Orders - selected from the menu or by the key combination Ctrl+2
  • Query Close Orders - selected from the menu or by the key combination Ctrl+3


When one of these options is selected the Order Management programs operate on orders within the selected category. The current category of orders being used can be seen to the left hand side of the title bar.

Improved Order Enquiries and Reporting

Both the Goods In (Warehouse receipts) and Goods Out (Warehouse Shipments) Order Summary enquires/reports have been divided into the three separate logical categories:

  • All Orders
  • Live Orders
  • Closed Orders


Within these sections the following enquiry/reports are available

  • Orders By Customer (By Order number for the Owner warehouse system)
  • By Date Ordered
  • By Due Date
  • By Date Received/Despatched
  • By Supplier (Warehouse Receipts)
  • By Order Type

Improvements To Stocker's Installers/Setup Programs

The installers now include the following options

  • Install databases - installs new databases overwriting any existing ones
  • Use existing databases
  • Selective restore of user own database backups


Database configuration has been made more robust to alleviate any installation problems. Also a problem was identified and has been corrected whereby databases were not installed into an existing instance of SQL Server 2014.

Other Enhancements

A number of other enhancements have been provided in version 5.3.3.

  • Improved assistance for using the keyboard
  • New special characters for easing the entery of dates
  • Minor changes to bar charts
  • Changes to the Stocker main window when running in toolbar mode
  • Improvements to Stocker's backup procedure


For more information see the PulseStar Blog