Stocker WMS Version 5.3.0 Released

Release Date - 03 January 2014

Release Type - New Features

Version 5.3.0 of Stocker Warehouse Management System is now available for download from the PulseStar website.

Version 5.3 includes changes to the database. Stocker 5.2 is incompatible with 5.3. Existing customers should first download a server update to migrate the 5.2 database to the 5.3 format. A client install can then be applied to each computer using Stocker. Stocker 5.3 includes new functionality and improvements over 5.2.

New Functionality

Address Book

Stocker 5.3 now has the ability to record addresses in an address book. These addresses are completely independent of customer, supplier and haulier/carrier details. Addresses can be used, for example, to identify multiple branches for a customer. They can be selected and added To Goods Out shipment orders as delivery addresses.

Combined Vehicle Booking Diary

Version 5.2 used two diaries, one to control lorries delivering and a second to control shipments. This is fine for larger operations where there might be 2 control rooms, perhaps in drive through warehouses where lorries arrive one end and depart at the other.

For smaller operations a single diary is needed to control both receipts and shipments. Stocker 5.3 now has the option to run a single diary or two as needed.

Management of Warehouse Receipt Back Orders

Optionally Back Orders can now be automatically created for receipts which are only partially received.

Management of Warehouse Shipment Back Orders

Optionally Back Orders can now be automatically created for shipments which are only partially despatched.

Improvements To Master Databases

The customer, supplier, haulier/carrier and product databases have each been given a management program much the same as manage orders. The screens provide portals for the main actions to be carried out adding, changing, deleting records and placing on hold.

Internal Movements - Move Block Stack

Creating individual movement instructions for each pallet in a block stack may be very time consuming. The new Move Block Stack function can generate movement instructions for all pallets occupying a location.

Improvements To Interfaces- Data Import/Export

The interface program has been given a general overhaul. The main changes include:

A new data import to load the warehouse inventory has been provided to speed up the setup of Stocker by eliminating the need for a full stocktake.

Data validation has been greatly improved with a check file integrity only option added. With this option selected Stocker does not attempt apply imports to its database but merely validates the file.

It is no longer required to specify site and warehouse in an import file. An option to use the currently logged in site and warehouse has been provided.

Toolbar For The Main Window

The main window has been given a toolbar for quick access to Stocker's main functions.

Changes To Reports

A number of reports have been added or significantly changed

  • Stock Enquiries By Product now include brief versions to their reports.
  • The customer, supplier and haulier/carrier summary reports have been completely redesigned.
  • The Goods Out/Shipment Order Header form now has two new entries Delivery Address (taken from the new Address Book) and a reference to the Originating Customer Order Number