Stocker Version 5.2 Released

Stocker 5.2 is now released and available from the PulseStar website.

Major update including implementation of batch/serial numbers, extending length of order numbers to 20 characters plus inclusion of two new stock selection methods LIFO and by product rotation number


  • Additional settings for Configuration, User Options
  • New System Switches
  • Increased Size of Order Numbers to 20 characters
  • New User Code For Defining Trailer Types
  • Implementation of Batch/Serial/Rotation Numbers
  • Enable Optional Mixing of Stock By Batch Number
  • Implementation of Two New Stock Selection Methods (LIFO and Product rotation)
  • Goods In Order Freetext Can Now Be Copied To Pallets
  • Changes To Goods In Receipt Date
  • Extra detail added to Order Header records (Goods In)
  • Supplier is now an optional entry
  • Extra detail added to Consignment records
  • Extra detail added to Order Header (Goods Out)
  • Enhancements to Part Pallet Picking and Replenishments
  • Enhancements to Warehouse Setup
  • Enhancements to Vehicle Booking Diary
  • Extra details added to Warehouse Record
  • All Reports Affected By this Release Have Been Updated
  • Redesigned Goods Receipt Note
  • Redesigned Despatch Note
  • Redesigned Pallet Label
  • Company Details Removed


Bug Fixes

  • Vehicle Route Management - temporarily removed
  • GI consignment haulier failing validation
  • GI consignment add order - crash
  • Compare Book An Physical Backup Stock Holdings
  • Changing a Goods Out Movement not updating correctly
  • Delete Goods out Order fails. Owner System only
  • Close Goods Out order fails
  • Change GI movement not updating product totals
  • Change Goods In Movement from Backup to Picking causes display loop
  • Freetext not removing trailing spaces
  • View Goods In/Out Order Header crash if toolbar turned off


A number of smaller fixes have also been made which might not be listed.