Stocker WMS Version 5.2.4 Released

Stocker 5.2.4 is now released and available from the PulseStar website.

Details of Stocker WMS 5.2.4.


  • Warehouse Zones display date and time last updated
  • Goods Receipt Notes not to display sell-by date for products which don't use them
  • Provide Option For Enhanced Locate Pallet To Action Movements
  • Despatch Notes to print rotation number from order line
  • Provide Option For Manual Locate Pallet To Create Actioned Movement
  • Enhanced Locate Pallet creates movement for left over part pallet
  • New help section - the basics


Bug Fixes

  • About box does not launch email client
  • Change User Details - User name not changed
  • Goods In action movement not updating quarantine correctly
  • Goods In Movement to Picking Not Updating Order Stage
  • Movement History Not Creating Report For Empty Dates
  • Movement History Report Incorrect Sequencing