Stocker WMS Version 5.2.2 Released

Stocker 5.2.2 is now released and available from the PulseStar website.

Details of Stocker WMS 5.2.2.

Bug Fixes

  • Read fail on Goods Out Vehicle Booking
  • Vehicle Booking Blobs not being displayed
  • Warehouse Setup Toggle Status does not work on second and subsequent pages
  • Change Backup location - refreshes screnn instead of updating line

Details of Stocker WMS 5.2.1.

Offers two new features search warehouse pallets and search movement history/activity log


  • New Enquiry - Pallet Search
  • New Enquiry - Search Movement History, Activity Log
  • New Report - Product Net Stock Holding Report
  • New Report - Product Physical Stock Holding Report
  • Add space for container number on Goods In Checksheet
  • Minor Adjustment To Pallet Labels
  • Warehouse Transfers missing from Owner Demo system
  • Launching application restores main window.


Bug Fixes

  • Goods In Order Analysis displays blank window
  • Goods In Order Analysis displays blank window
  • Broken link to release notes created by installer
  • Goods Out Order Analysis displays Goods In Order Analysis help