Stocker Version 5.1 Released

Stocker 5.1 is now released and available from the PulseStar website.

Stocker has gone through quite a major overhaul internally and now has a slightly modified database. A number of changes have been made to improve general use and there are new sections added to the help system to assist you getting started. Please note that 5.0 databases are now incompatible with this release.

You can view the details of the logs on the PulseStar website support page. Below is a summary of changes included in this release. You can view the detail of each log on the support page of the main PulseStar website


  • Added option to set width of list descriptions.
  • Help menu has options to go to website support, forum and video training.
  • Amended function commands for locating stock
  • Amended function commands for selecting stock
  • The display of closed and cancelled orders is now optional
  • Administrators can now perform a database backup
  • ODBC Error/Message Log Improvements
  • Access provided to ODBC log file from Stocker's main menu
  • User Options now includes an option to define the database backup path
  • Installers modified to allow Stocker to perform database backups
  • About box displays actual version number
  • Enhanced Logout Users Utility
  • Lookup button provided for find Goods In Order
  • Lookup button provided for find Goods Out Order
  • Text added to the topic Using The Help System
  • Adding a new user code checks for the presence of user code LOCCODE
  • Provide the option for defining 10 GRN formats
  • Provide the option for defining 10 Despatch Note formats
  • Add new function - Reject Items
  • Update Help System


Bug Fixes

  • Goods In Closed Orders menu item is not being re-enabled.
  • Goods In Vehicle Booking Diary Not displaying the Diary on Go To Date
  • Print all Goods In Labels
  • Print checks sheets fails parameter error
  • Pallet Totals not displaying part pallets
  • Pallet totals enquiry not displaying number of pick locations
  • Remove erroneous entry written to log file
  • Corrected background colours of information window
  • Goods In Order Summary By Supplier
  • Delete Location by range could delete too many locations
  • Change Location by range could change too many locations


A number of smaller fixes have also been made which might not be listed.