Stocker WMS Licence Prices

Stocker is licensed on a subscription basis.

  • Licenses are charged according to the number of users required to access the system at any one time - and the length of time the licence is to run. Licences can run for 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.
  • Prices stated below are for desktop only licenses. For licenses inculding mobile RFT solutions contact PulseStar

Server Licenses

Server Licenses Cost £95 (~ $148, €134)

  • All installations require 1 server licence

Server licences include the following:

  • Optional installation of SQL Server Express database engine
  • Stocker's databases.
  • Fully integrated database backup and restore functions.
  • One client/user licence comprising the Stocker WMS application.

This constitutes a complete single user system. Also included is:

  • Unlimited web-hosted incident reports to record issues.
  • Free updates.
  • Free email support.

Note PulseStar reserves the right to charge for major updates or significant additional functionality.

Client/User Licenses

Client Licenses Cost £55 (~ $85, €77)

  • Client/user licenses provide multi-user access.

Notes for client/user licenses.

  • You must purchase as many client licenses as the number of users who will use Stocker simultaneously.
  • Client licenses are floating. They are not tied to individual computers.
  • If you buy two additional client licenses you can install Stocker on as many computers as you wish.
  • However, only three users can access Stocker at any given moment. (You'll also have the client licence provided with your server).