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Select The Third Part System if you manage stock for multiple customers. Select The Owner System if you manage your own stock or stock for a single customer only.


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Any information you supply (personal or otherwise) is not shared with third party companies or organisations of any kind. Information supplied on this form is required to provide you with a personal copy of Stocker WMS for trial. The email address is used to provide a link to download Stocker WMS and for any communication between PulseStar and yourself with relation to your trial. Completing this form will not result in you receiving marketing material from PulseStar, now, or in the future.


Information is stored for a maximum period of 90 days after final communication between PulseStar and yourself. However, you may request PulseStar to remove your details from its database at any time by contacting email:


Note you will receive links to two installation/setup programs.

  • A larger file of 270MB which has the option to install SQL Server 2014 Express.
  • A smaller file of 18MB which expects SQL Server to be already installed.

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