Ranger Mobile Solution

What Is RF Mobile Technology

In a warehouse environment this simply involves:

  • Sending warehouse operatives work instructions e.g pallet movements, to a mobile device, over a wireless network.
  • Receiving confirmation those instructions have either been completed or cannot be completed.
  • Verifying the correct instructions are carried out e.g. the correct location, pallet or product was selected.
  • Capturing any data required while completing the instructions. This data may be returned to the WMS or used locally on the devices to ensure the instructions are carried out correctly.

Using Stocker With RF Mobile Technology

With Stocker, mobile devices are connected to your local network. Using these devices warehouse operatives can complete a range of activities, with ease, efficiently and with greater accuracy incurring fewer mistakes. Stocker's mobile device solution manages the following warehouse activities:

  • Checking warehouse receipts.
  • Goods In pallet putaway.
  • Part pallet picking.
  • Full pallet bulk picking.
  • Replenishments of picking locations.
  • Customer returns, ad hoc miscellaneous issues and internal housekeeping movements.
  • Stock checking.

Using Stocker Without RF Mobile Technology

In this case Stocker is a paper driven system. This means all instructions for the warehouse operatives must be printed on paper and handed to the operatives before they can carry out any work. This is by far the slower and less accurate method which can be prone to operator error. Warehouse operatives have to visit the office/control to receive their instructions.

Benefits Of User Stocker's Ranger mobile Solution

Immediate benefits can be gained using Ranger over a paper driven system.

Productivity Improvements

With putaway and picking lists sent directly to a remote device, there is no more lost time collecting from or returning them to the office/control room. Coupled with bar code scanning capabilities performance increases significantly. Stock checking is significantly improved. Batches of locations, for checking, can be sent to mobile devices, simultaneously.

Improved Accuracy

A paper driven is significantly more prone to introducing errors. Mobile devices, equipped with bar code readers, ensure the correct product, quantity and location was selected. Everything is verified on the device immediately. No more misreading of labels, scribbles on paper, illegible handwriting.

Real-time Update and View Of Inventory

Changes to your stock levels are updated immediately giving you an accurate real-time account of your current inventory.