Warehouse Receipts


Orders are generally entered prior to receipt at the warehouse. How an order is processed depends on whether you have a paper driven system or have the Ranger mobile solution for hand held and truck mounted terminals.

Paper Driven System

  • Order unloaded.
  • Check sheet printed and used for checking process.
  • Check sheet returned to office and used to register actual quantities received.
  • Warehouse locations allocated either automatically or manually.
  • Movement lists printed instructing where pallets are to be moved.
  • Pallet labels optionally printed.
  • Pallets moved to locations.
  • Movement lists returned to office and pallets confirmed as located.
  • GRN printed any time after checking.
  • Order closed.

Ranger Mobile Solution

  • Order unloaded.
  • Checker selects order and check sheet is sent to mobile device.
  • Order is checked and Stocker is updated with received quantities immediately.
  • Optionally warehouse locations reserved as part of checking process.
  • FLT driver selects order and movement list sent to FLT mobile device.
  • FLT driver locates pallets and WMS updated immediately.
  • GRN printed any time after checking.
  • Order closed.

Additional Information

  • Orders can be manually entered or electronically received.
  • Order numbers can be manually entered or automatically created by Stocker.
  • Products can be received against standard or variable pallet quantities.
  • Storage locations can be automatically selected using pre-defined rules.
  • Rules can include: preferred storage locations, don't mix customer's stock, don't mix product, don't mix BBE dates, don't mix batch numbers, don't store above level, move to quarantine, etc
  • Alternatively, locations can be manually selected.
  • A comprehensive set of status indicators provide instant visibility of order status and individual order line status.
  • Ranger informs the WMS of any problems immediately.
  • Vehicle Scheduling planner.
  • Consignments enable processing of batches of orders.
  • Processing of back orders (partially completed orders).
  • Optional confirmation of goods received can be sent to an external computer system.
  • A comprehensive set of order reports e.g by order/due/received date, supplier etc.