Inventory and General Reporting

Inventory Reporting

Stocker WMS provides a rich set of reports for interrogating warehouse stock and inventory.

Inventory By Product

  • Net and physical product totals.
  • Inventory of all pallets.
  • Breakdown detailing available stock, allocated stock, stock in quarantine.
  • Inventory of picking stock.
  • Quarantined stock.
  • Stock holding analysis - total stock holding of each product as a percentage of the maximum permissible stock holding.
  • Stock below minimum.

Inventory By Location

  • Detailed examination by location.
  • Occupied locations.
  • Vacant locations.
  • Locations in quarantine.

Inventory By Pallet

  • Stock summary by pallet number.
  • Pallet totals by customer Third Party System only.
  • Pallet totals by product.

Pallet Search

Returns a list of pallets matching a set of filters e.g.

  • Customer.
  • Product.
  • BBE date.
  • Date received.
  • Batch/serial number.
  • Received order.
  • Received container.

Warehouse Utilization Reports

These are graphical reports displaying how the warehouse is being utilized.

  • Warehouse occupancy by zone
  • Warehouse occupancy by sub-area
  • Warehouse utilization analysis

Movement History/Activity Logs

  • The Activity Log reports all warehouse activity as requested through a set of filters.
  • Provides a condensed historical report of activity within a warehouse. While the Activity Log details every pallet, the summary will provide, for example, the total number of pallets, for a given product, received on a given day, or over requested a period.