Stocker FAQ

What kind of company is Stocker aimed at?

PulseStar does not market Stocker to target any predefined size of company. Stocker can manage the smallest and the biggest of warehouses. The question PulseStar asks is 'Can you afford or justify the cost of a WMS from one of the larger suppliers?'.

You might be a small operation desperately seeking a feature rich WMS at an affordable price. You might be a large multi-national with numerous warehouses, or opening a temporary warehouse and need a system up and running fast. Or, in these times, you might just want value for money.

What database does Stocker use

Stocker uses Microsoft SQL Server.

I don't have SQL Server - and it's too expensive

Stocker is supplied with the option to install SQL Server Express edition.

What versions of SQL Server can Stocker use

Stocker is supplied with the option to install SQL Server 2014 Express. However, Stocker can be installed into an existing instance of one of the following versions of SQL Server:


  • SQL Server 2008
  • SQL Server 2012
  • SQL Server 2014
  • SQL Server 2016

How many users can access Stocker WMS using the Express Edition

You can use Stocker as a single user system or a multi-user system. The actual number of users who can access Stocker at any time is dependent on the number of licences you purchase. Any other limitations will be imposed by SQL Server.

But I don't have the SQL Server Skills

The Stocker installation program will install and configure all required databases for you. You can backup your databases from within Stocker and Stocker's installation/setup programs can pick up and restore your own backups if needed.

Can I control access to the system?

Yes. All access to Stocker WMS is protected by providing user name and password credentials.

What kind of support do I get?

Licenses include basic support package including email support and unlimited issue reporting via online incident reports forms.

What training do you provide?

On site training can be supplied at an extra charge.