Data Import and Export


Stocker is a standalone system. However, through simple text files Stocker can communicate with other computer systems e.g. a Purchase Order, Sales Order processing system or a master Stock Control system.

Stocker WMS can read and create warehouse interface files in two formats:

  • As fixed format (fixed length) 'flat' text files.
  • As text files containing Comma Separated Values (CSV format). CSV files are a common format read and created by many programs e.g. Microsoft Excel.

Interface files received by WMS

  • Customer details
  • Supplier details
  • Haulier (carrier) details
  • Product details
  • Purchase Orders (received as warehouse Goods In orders)
  • Sales Orders (received as warehouse Goods Out orders)
  • Import Warehouse Inventory

Interface files created by WMS

  • Confirmation of receipts
  • Confirmation of despatches
  • Customer returns/Miscellaneous receipts
  • Ad hoc/Miscellaneous warehouse issues.
  • Stock adjustments
  • Stock balances
  • Stock transfers between warehouses
  • Customer transfers of stock ownership (Third Party system only)