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Stocker Warehouse Management Software - Key Features

  • Provides multi site and multi warehouse capability.
  • Orders can be either manually input or electronically imported.
  • Management of back orders (partially satisfied orders).
  • Receive product against standard or variable pallet quantities.
  • Automatic putaway based on two tier zone and subarea rules.
  • Putaway rules e.g don't mix products, batches, dates, owners, to quarantine.
  • Easy manual putaway to selected storage locations.
  • Caters for batch, serial, rotation numbers.
  • Product selection by earliest use by (BBE) date or FIFO.
  • Product selection by latest BBE date or LIFO.
  • Product selection by product rotation number.
  • Optional management of part pallet picking faces with replenishment.
  • Product substitution caters for out of stock conditions and promotions.
  • Vehicle booking diaries for warehouse receipts and shipments.
  • Ad-hoc receipts (customer returns) ad-hoc issues, internal movements (warehouse housekeeping), stock adjustments and quarantine management.
  • Stock checks by location and product. Perpetual inventory.
  • Warehouse transfers and customer transfer of ownership.
  • Warehouse activity logging.
  • Comprehensive data import/export including all receipts and dispatches.


New For June 2014

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"...We are of the opinion that Stocker is a great stock control package at a very reasonable price. Most of our customers carry out a annual audit of our facilities which includes the stock control - all have been very impressed with the easy to read and understand screens and wealth of information the system generates."

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"...No hesitation in recommending this stock control software and with the regular updates, it just keeps getting better and better."


Version 1 - You Manage Your Own Warehouse

PulseStar offers Stocker WMS for warehouse owners.

This version is designed to manage warehouses holding stock for one company alone.

Select Stocker Owner WMS if you want a system to manage your own stock or if you are a warehouse operator who manages a warehouse on behalf of another company.

In either case this is the version for you. Take a look at at Stocker's extensive functionality and see how selecting Stocker WMS to manage your warehouse can benefit you.

Version 2 - Third Party Warehouse Operator?

In this case Stocker for Third Party warehouse operators is your choice. This version offers all the functionality and benefits of the Owner system with the addition of segregating stock by customer.

With Stocker 3PL you can receive, store, select and despatch stock for each of your customers. For each customer you also get a detailed inventory of all stock itemized to the pallet level with totals of all pallets by customer, all pallets by customer product and total stock holding by customer product.

Do You Manage One Or Multiple Warehouses?

Stocker WMS can manage any number of warehouses. Whether you operate just one warehouse or a number of warehouses, Stocker WMS fits the bill.

There's no extra charges and no extra licenses required.

Just set up each warehouse, enter your customers and products and you're good to go.

Effective Warehouse Management At Less Than £5 ($8) A Day

Do you run a smaller operation?

Are you new to Warehouse Management Systems and need more time to determine your requirements?

Do you just want basic stock control without all the bells and whistles?

Then check out the new free edition of Stocker.

Visit the Compare Editions page for more information.

Latest  Version

Release 5.3.3

 17 Nov 2014


Capterra Review Stocker WMS brochure What's New Version 5.3


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Stocker directs FLT movements